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Specialist Headache Management in Sydney 

Expert specialist Neurologist diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of your headache condition.

Who We Are

The Headache Clinic is an Australian initiative that aims to help the millions unable to enjoy everyday life due to debilitating headaches. For such a common yet severe symptom, our Neurologist-led clinic focuses on the correct and timely diagnosis of different headache conditions, followed by an evidence-based treatment approach. 

Woman & Doctor
Initial Assessment
(Face to Face or Telehealth)

Consultation with one of our headache Neurology Medical Specialists to better understand and characterise your condition.

Tailored Management Strategy

Based on your assessment and diagnosis, you are placed on an evidence-based management plan tailored to your situation.

Follow Up & Review

Periodic check-ins to ensure headache resolution, and escalation of therapy until symptom resolution.


All prescribed therapies are evidence-based. Our Specialist Neurologist Doctors assess your condition to ensure that your treatment is both tailored to your specific situation and PBS-approved (in order to reduce the cost to you. Your therapy is also specifically tailored to your medical history to reduce the risk of unwanted side effects.

Preventative Therapy
Headache Cessation
Toxin & Nerve Blocks

- Telehealth -

Our clinic offers comprehensive telehealth assessment options for your convenience

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