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Hemicrania Continua

Hemicrania continua (HC) is a type of headache characterized by persistent, one-sided headache pain with accompanying symptoms such as tearing, nasal congestion, and eye redness, which can sometimes be difficult to distinguish from other headache disorders, making diagnosis challenging.

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Hemicrania continua (HC) is a chronic headache disorder that is characterized by constant, one-sided head pain. The pain experienced in HC is typically described as moderate to severe, and is often accompanied by other symptoms such as tearing, nasal congestion, and eye redness. These symptoms are often constant, but may also be present only some of the time.

Diagnosing HC can be challenging, as the symptoms are often similar to other headache disorders such as migraine or cluster headache. Your doctor will perform a thorough evaluation of a person's headache history, including the duration, intensity, and pattern of headache pain, as well as any accompanying symptoms.

In addition to a headache history, a physical examination may also be performed to assess for any physical signs of HC, such as tenderness in the neck or temples, or changes in pupil size. Imaging studies, such as MRI or CT scans, may also be performed to rule out other conditions that could be causing the headache.

In order to confirm a diagnosis of HC, a healthcare provider will typically exclude other potential causes of headache, such as tension headache, sinus headache, or eye strain. If a healthcare provider suspects that a person has HC, they may prescribe a trial of indomethacin, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that is commonly used to treat HC.

It is important for individuals who are experiencing chronic headache pain to seek care from their Doctor, as early diagnosis and treatment can improve the likelihood of a successful outcome. A healthcare provider can work with the individual to develop a comprehensive treatment plan, which may include medications, physical therapy, relaxation techniques, and behavioral therapy.

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